Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winner of the Smashbox Giveaway is...(drumroll please!!!!)

The winner of my smashbox giveaway is Heather Paulding! Thank you to everyone who entered!!!

Heather, I will contact you via email! Thanks again!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday with their family and friends! :)
Here is a holiday party themed outfit that I through together this week (with a little help  from my boyfriend $$$$)! Hope you enjoy!

Christmas Eve

John and me in front of my parents tree

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Extended Giveaway!

Hey all! :) hope the hustle and bustle of the holidays isn't getting to you! I know it's starting to get to me!

Okay so not as many people as I had hoped have jumped on my giveaway so I will be extending it until the 26th! So come on and enter!!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Smashbox Giveaway!

I have a fun little giveaway, Ulta gave me a fabulous 3-piece smashbox giveaway. I have one for myself and one for a lucky winner!  They have the best makeup and I have never been dissapointed with a product of theirs. I hope you enjoy this little combo as much as I do!

Here are some smashbox products that I have my eye on!

Also: If you have never tried smashbox before, here is a little trio just for you! I love mine!

How to enter:
-leave a comment for every step you complete
1. Follow Kat{e}Marie's blog (right side bar button that says "Join This Site")
2. Like Katrina Marie on facebook
Extra Entries:
3. Follow Kat{e}Marie on  Pinterest, Instagram (trinamari3), and Twitter (@KHulderman )
4. Share this giveaway on Facebook and/or Instagram 

-winner will be announced on Fri. Dec. 21st Wed Dec. 26th

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gifting Guide: Holiday Edition

I don't know if you all are aware or not, seeing as the weather isn't quite what it should be, but it's December, which means it's almost Christmas time! And with December comes the stress of gift giving. I can only speak for my self, but giving gifts is always such a stressful endeavor for me. I always want a gift that shows the person how much I care about them and pay attention to their needs, but that also is exactly compatible with their personality. Basically, I always want to provide the perfect gift. I know it's a huge struggle for me this time of year and so I thought I would share a few finds that I have stumbled along. No, I'm not this creative. I have a little help from my friends {pinterest and blogger}.

Under $50.00 Gift Guide:
Birchbox Women $10/month

PVbody Name Brand Workout Clothes ($49.95)

<3 ModCloth Bracelet ($12.99)

Iphone Case ($36.00)

Beer Kit ($40.00)

ExoMount Car Mount 

Birchbox Men
Iphone Shutter Grip ($40.00)

p.s check out for her awesome giveaway!! :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wish me luck!

Okay guys, I'm going in! Tomorrow at 10 am officially starts my week of hell. Sorry I won't be updated much, I'm going to be too busy signing my life away to MSU. Ugh! At least the worst will be over tomorrow. At least I hope so.



Saturday, December 8, 2012

Study Grind and an amazing surprise :)

Good morning afternoon (yikes) bloggers! I'm currently still in my lounge clothes (haven't showered and am still wearing yesterdays makeup...oh lordy) because today is my study grind day 1. I'm not very happy that I still haven't started today because I only have two days until my 2 out of 3 exams. Ugh. Anyways, I wanted to update all of you and let you know how extra super duper excited I am because...I'm doing my first giveaway(s)! I know all of you are excited and I am extra excited! I spent all of yesterday emailing various companies and finally at around midnight got a response. :) Okay so I have 3 different giveaways that I will be conducted along with Younique products. They're great products and I am really looking forward to receiving all those goodies to test out. I will be posting 2 tutorials and modeling one of their products so stay posted! 

The giveaways should start no later than next week. Keep checking back though! Who knows...I might have a lot more fancy giveaways! 


Friday, December 7, 2012

Dearest Friday

Dear Brooke Waggoner, I am newly obsessed with your music. Thank you for being so talented and for sharing your music with my eagerly listening ears. :) Dear final exams, screw you. I am so over your annoying ability to ruin everything. As soon as I start to be happy...ope! I have exams...jk life sucks. Dear Michigan, it's December, that means that it needs to snow. Stop nagging me with 60 degree weather and just freaking snow. It's not okay to be 30 degress without white fluffy snowflakes. You better snow on christmas or i'll be pissed. Okay? Okay. Dear everybody who has ever felt lonely, desperate, useless, stupid, ugly, fat, or just felt like plain nothing, you're beautiful and perfect and God made you exactly how you were supposed to be. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You're unique and there is no one else out there who is YOU! Also, you feel lonely and worthless because the people you want attention from aren't giving it to you...SO? who cares. They aren't worth it...but there is someone out there and they have always been there for you, but you have never actually paid attention. So wake up! And start loving the people who love you. They feel exactly the same as you and you don't even realize it. Dear bachelors degree, can you please just hurry up already. Btw, you better be worth it. Dear future, i'm so excited to meet you! Dear God, have I told you lately how much I love you? You always give me exactly what I need and you never fail me. Good grief, why do i doubt? Dear Sister and niece, I can't wait to see you! That will be the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. I miss you more than anything. I am so excited to see you guys! Dear closing shift,'re not that bad.Dear bloggity blog, so sorry I have neglected you...I promise I will show you more attention now! Of course the week when I can't afford distractions, i rediscover the blog world. Go figure.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My new obsession: Yummy Recipes for a tight budget

One of the things I hate about being in college is that I eat the crappiest food...I want my mom's cooking everyday. Unfortunately, I'm a grown up and grown ups gotta make their own food. I had been eating lots of take out and yucky frozen dinners (lean cuisines=yucky), but that is about to change...because I watched a movie called "Food Inc." and honestly am so thoroughly grossed out that I think I'll be buying all natural food...and eating as little meat as possible.

Basically...up until a few days ago I was seriously not eating anything because I was broke and I only had food that I was grossed out by...thank god for pinterest because I found the ABSOLUTE best site with lots of nutritious meals that are affordable for me. I have already cooked 3 meals from it and I can't wait to cook another. This girl is about to become a healthy eater and a darn good cook!

Seriously check it out! It will make your life a lot healthier and easier, not to mention, affordable.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

promise i'll be back soon!

ahhh okay so the last few weeks have been seriously so crazy. I was planning on posting this weekend but i had guests to my place...and had been preparing for that for a few days. But seriously...i'm planning on posting tomorrow after i get super inspired by John Piper at his Don't Waste Your Life sermon! I can't wait! Okay. SO i'll be back. Promise

Friday, September 28, 2012

fast car

hello all of you {6?} out there! <-----btw that means that I need more people to joing my bloggity blog. so come on people. get the word out! i love this stuff...but if i don't have defeats the point!

okay so today my babes bought his very own  BRAND new sports car. oh my gosh it's beautiful.

He is so excited. And because he's excited...of course that makes me excited. So proud of him for saving up every penny to get this bad boy. This kid is definitely a keeper. For sure. honor of this exciting day and also just because...i'm sharing one of my ALL TIME fav songs like ever.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

fashion tips: for all you shorties out there! (you know who you are)

'so...i'm 5'3...and according to my sweet boyfriend..."have the shortest arms i've ever seen". AND of course...short legs and a short torso. and as much as i love living vicariously through Blake Lively's wardrobe, I know I couldn't pull it off. I can, however pull off a couple other styles that flatter my figure. so if you're shorter than 5'6" and have a short torso OR legs... here are a few tips that I like to live dress by:

{1} Layer, Layer, Layer!

The sweater alone would actually shorten her torso and make her appear wider.
The button up underneath breaks up the blocky look, giving the illusion that her torso is longer.

{2} Medium length A-line skirts

Try to avoid short and tight or maxi lenth skirts. Medium a-line skirts give just enough leg to show the world that yes, indeed you do have legs, while also avoiding the blocked look that mini skirts give. When picking out a skirt, try to buy one with vertical pleating like the dress above in order to create the illusion that you're taller than a legal midget.

{3} Avoid color blocking

Source: via Katrina on Pinterest

okay. yes. this is adorable, BUT i can't pull it off. the blocked look separates my body into three sections:
1. Shoulder to belly button
2. Belly button...oh look...her legs...."that was fast!"
3. Legs...feet
Especially since I'm already short enough...I don't need to look shorter. Cropped tops are cute and all but they aren't for short people.

{4} cuff your skinnies

if you're like get the BEST pair of skinny jeans...but they get all baggy at your ankles...great way to fix it....cuff them. this gives a little peekaboo of your ankles which also gives the illusion that you're taller.

{5} 70's trouser

Just look at how tall she looks! Seriously when I put mine on...I look 3 inches taller. Do it. It works.

night, everyone! :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

50's Pony tutorial

Hey ladies! Happy Tuesday!

Ever have a lazy day when you don't want to wash your hair? was one of those days for me. So I decided to do a cute ponytail.'s what I came up with. I call it the 50's pony. You can call it what you want. it is:

tease your hair
this is the result

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Monday--->'s o.K!

Hey guys! I don't know how many people actually read this...but... I thought I would throw some positive vibes toward ya'll. Mondays are always crazy and I know I find myself getting super stressed for the week. So don't get too down and always remember to be thankful for something. 

I am thankful for...

1) this drink...mmm yummy. i love sparkling beverages
2) messages like this from my honey

3) long and comfy sweaters

4) apple orchards ( that I am so excited to go to!)

5) I am extra thankful for the phrase "this too shall pass"...because it reminds me of my grandma and because it always makes me realize that the bad situations i'm in are only temporary.

What are all ya'll thankful for? :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bubble Necklace: 3 different ways to wear it

Jacket: H&M
Top: Francesca's

 Blazer: Forever21
                                                                         Blouse: Francesca's

Jacket: H&M
Top: Eddie Bauer

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall is here!

Hello blogging world,

Guess what? It's fall! Which means it is time to crack out the boots and jackets and get ready for the leaves to fall. Are you ready? I totally am. BUT...if you're are 5 items that you must have to ring in this fabulous event:


This is a must have! I have this and I LOVE it! Goes with everything!





H & M

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday letters

Dear Friday, I absolutely without a doubt adore you. You're even better than Thursday and I don't even have classes today! Dear work, thank you so so very much for letting me wear my spartans baseball tee and cuffed jeans on football fridays. (p.s . have i yet mentioned how totally awesome it is that it's football season?) At least i'm styling behind the desk now.

Dear bladder, stop it. I've literally had to pee every 15 minutes today. What's with that? I thought birth control was supposed to FIX my girly issues not make them worse. bleh. Dear Sephora, OMG yay. I seriously have been exploring the world of foundation trying to find my favorite type...and since it's getting all gross outside now..and my skin is getting pale...i'm going to need some more. Thank heavens for sephorabeautyinsider. Have you joined yet? If not, please do. It's the best thing. Well almost the best...sometimes I think ice cream is a little better. :) Dear boyfriend, have I mentioned lately how much I love you? Even though you pick on me about my blog? andddd that when you comment on my photos my heart still skips a beat?  We are defs going to have to have some serious you and me time this week. I mish you. Luh you, babes.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

I believe...

I believe in love.

I believe in God 

I believe in laughing
I believe in kissing. lots & lots

I believe in dancing. 

I believe in people.

I believe in fall.

I believe in Fridays

I believe in photo booths
I  believe in hapiness

I believe in family

I believe in apple picking

I believe in tailgating!

I believe in going to bed.

I believe in my dad.

I believe in sisters

I believe in my mommy

I believe in my brother & my sister-in-law

I believe in the Spartans. Go green!

 I believe in cousins.

I believe.