Wednesday, September 26, 2012

fashion tips: for all you shorties out there! (you know who you are)

'so...i'm 5'3...and according to my sweet boyfriend..."have the shortest arms i've ever seen". AND of course...short legs and a short torso. and as much as i love living vicariously through Blake Lively's wardrobe, I know I couldn't pull it off. I can, however pull off a couple other styles that flatter my figure. so if you're shorter than 5'6" and have a short torso OR legs... here are a few tips that I like to live dress by:

{1} Layer, Layer, Layer!

The sweater alone would actually shorten her torso and make her appear wider.
The button up underneath breaks up the blocky look, giving the illusion that her torso is longer.

{2} Medium length A-line skirts

Try to avoid short and tight or maxi lenth skirts. Medium a-line skirts give just enough leg to show the world that yes, indeed you do have legs, while also avoiding the blocked look that mini skirts give. When picking out a skirt, try to buy one with vertical pleating like the dress above in order to create the illusion that you're taller than a legal midget.

{3} Avoid color blocking

Source: via Katrina on Pinterest

okay. yes. this is adorable, BUT i can't pull it off. the blocked look separates my body into three sections:
1. Shoulder to belly button
2. Belly button...oh look...her legs...."that was fast!"
3. Legs...feet
Especially since I'm already short enough...I don't need to look shorter. Cropped tops are cute and all but they aren't for short people.

{4} cuff your skinnies

if you're like get the BEST pair of skinny jeans...but they get all baggy at your ankles...great way to fix it....cuff them. this gives a little peekaboo of your ankles which also gives the illusion that you're taller.

{5} 70's trouser

Just look at how tall she looks! Seriously when I put mine on...I look 3 inches taller. Do it. It works.

night, everyone! :)



  1. GREAT post! Im 5'5... barely and I feel like I have to make my own fashion rules too! DEFINITELY avoid crop tops haha. Im so glad I found your blog, and even happier that we are swapping :)


    1. Thanks :) I'm glad I found your blog too!!
      thanks for the comment. andd the swap

  2. Wow! I didn't know all that. Would love to have you go through my closet some time ;-)

  3. Yes!! Love these tipes!!! Go Shorties!

  4. This is seriously adorable. Just stumbled across your cute blog, I'm so new at this whole blogging thing myself. I am happy to be your NEWEST follower :)

    I am 5'2" so this post is extra exciting to me. Cute stuff!!