Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday letters

Dear Friday, I absolutely without a doubt adore you. You're even better than Thursday and I don't even have classes today! Dear work, thank you so so very much for letting me wear my spartans baseball tee and cuffed jeans on football fridays. (p.s . have i yet mentioned how totally awesome it is that it's football season?) At least i'm styling behind the desk now.

Dear bladder, stop it. I've literally had to pee every 15 minutes today. What's with that? I thought birth control was supposed to FIX my girly issues not make them worse. bleh. Dear Sephora, OMG yay. I seriously have been exploring the world of foundation trying to find my favorite type...and since it's getting all gross outside now..and my skin is getting pale...i'm going to need some more. Thank heavens for sephorabeautyinsider. Have you joined yet? If not, please do. It's the best thing. Well almost the best...sometimes I think ice cream is a little better. :) Dear boyfriend, have I mentioned lately how much I love you? Even though you pick on me about my blog? andddd that when you comment on my photos my heart still skips a beat?  We are defs going to have to have some serious you and me time this week. I mish you. Luh you, babes.


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