Thursday, October 18, 2012

My new obsession: Yummy Recipes for a tight budget

One of the things I hate about being in college is that I eat the crappiest food...I want my mom's cooking everyday. Unfortunately, I'm a grown up and grown ups gotta make their own food. I had been eating lots of take out and yucky frozen dinners (lean cuisines=yucky), but that is about to change...because I watched a movie called "Food Inc." and honestly am so thoroughly grossed out that I think I'll be buying all natural food...and eating as little meat as possible.

Basically...up until a few days ago I was seriously not eating anything because I was broke and I only had food that I was grossed out by...thank god for pinterest because I found the ABSOLUTE best site with lots of nutritious meals that are affordable for me. I have already cooked 3 meals from it and I can't wait to cook another. This girl is about to become a healthy eater and a darn good cook!

Seriously check it out! It will make your life a lot healthier and easier, not to mention, affordable.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

promise i'll be back soon!

ahhh okay so the last few weeks have been seriously so crazy. I was planning on posting this weekend but i had guests to my place...and had been preparing for that for a few days. But seriously...i'm planning on posting tomorrow after i get super inspired by John Piper at his Don't Waste Your Life sermon! I can't wait! Okay. SO i'll be back. Promise