Monday, January 14, 2013

Update on my life: Not that anyone cares...? haha

Okay. I am the worst blogger ever. I need to start updating more often...I think I post maybe every 2 weeks. And honestly, I can say it is because I am a busy college student, but I'd be lying because I find time for everything else I want to do. haha I just lack motivation and inspiration. I know. Why did I even start this blog? Well...I thought I could do it..and that maybe some people out there could relate to my life...and in all honesty, I found that. I find happiness in reading about other people's lives that I can relate to. Call me crazy but I get a little thrill from reading about all of you! And I hope you get a thrill from reading mine..not that it's that great but I still hope there's at least one of you that opens up my blog and is like.."When is she going to post again!!!?!?!" Okay so I said I suck at this because I lack MOTIVATION. So will you all please be my motivation? Can you give me some ideas of what to write on here? Would you be interested in seeing some Bachelor recaps? Rants on my life? Beauty hauls? what??! tell me please please! lol I am in class and probs should pay attention.

peace out girl scouts




  1. Sometimes I am the same way- at a loss of what to post about. Then I just think, talk about upcoming life events, what you want to accomplish, that special someone, your best friends, your past, your future plans, etc. You got this, girl!

  2. The best posts are always those that come from the heart so let us know what you are feeling/thinking!
    I just read this post today from Shanna at Because Shanna Said So and thought maybe it would give you some inspiration!

    Keep your head up kid, your doing great:)