Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Guest Post Numero Dos (Jackie)

So excited to be guest posting here on Kate's blog today! My name is Jackie and I blog over at Jackie Jade.

On my blog I mainly talk about updating/decorating our house and what is inspiring me. I also blog about my life, including fashion, some recipes, planning my wedding and a million photos of my little pugs. I hope you will come check out my blog!

I wanted to share a recent project that I posted on my blog and that I am loving. I was tired of my boring old iphone case and decided it needed to sparkle.

I just used some craft glue and a bunch of rhinestones in different colors and sizes. It was definitely time consuming, but I really love how it turned out.

I applied rows of craft glue and then carefully applied the rhinestones randomly. The glue comes out white, but dries clear. In progress photo -

And the final product! Love the sparkle in my life.

Go to my blog here to see more on this diy and how I did it.

Hope you will come visit me at Jackie Jade to read more from me! Thanks for Kate for allowing me to guest post today!

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  1. Love this iPhone case idea! Your blog is adorable!

    Xo, Amanda