Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meet my cousin: Bri Tawadros

Hey y’all! My name is Bri Tawadros; I am 20 years old and am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. This year Mary Kay Cosmetics is celebrating it’s 50-year anniversary.

My Favorite “Must Have” Products:

1. The Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. I LOVEEEE this product. If you only wanted to get one thing… this would be the thing to get!! How many of you have ever gone to sleep with your make up on? Well first of all that ages your eyes 7 days for every 1 night you sleep with your make up on!!! That’s crazy! And if that isn’t incentive enough… everyone has these little things called eye mites that live on your eyelashes. Well these mites feed off of your mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow! So when you’re sleeping with your make up on you’re allowing these creepy crawlies to feast and multiply while you’re asleep. This product is the only product out there that helps target eye mites to keep them from multiplying. Opra gave this away on one of her “Opra’s Favorite Things” episodes and it has won several awards. It’s one of Mary Kay’s top selling products!

2. The Time Wise Anti Aging Miracle Set
This includes a cleanser, a moisturizer and day and night solutions

3. If you have sensitive skin I highly recommend that you use The Botanical Skin Care set. I just switched to using this just so I could see the difference and it really is a very gentle line of products.

4. I love Satin Hands. It really keeps your hands super soft all day long. It lasts through 10 washes and up to 16 hours! Satin Hands comes in a peach sent and non scented (which really doesn’t smell like anything, it has cucumber extracts in it so if anything it resembles cucumbers)

5. I also use Satin Lips. It keeps your lips kissable all day long!! (; One major reason I love this product is because I no longer have to constantly reapply chapstik throughout the day. Satin Lips comes with a lip mask and a lip balm. Your lips are the only part of your body that don’t naturally exfoliate so the mask helps rejuvenate the skin and keeps them soft, longer.

I am wearing the colors Sterling covering my eyelid, Sweet Plumb in the corner, and I went over both of those with Honey Spice. These 3 colors all have shimmer in them. I am wearing Ultimate Mascara in black and Steely colored eyeliner. My eyebrows are done with a Blonde Brow Liner and a Blonde Definer Pencil.

I use Beige 4 Liquid Luminous Foundation as well as Beige 1.5 Mineral Powder Foundation.

I am wearing Red Crème Lipstick.

If you order online...or through Bri directly, then shipping is free! Also, Bri will be hosting giveaways and contests on her facebook page! So check it out!

You can Contact Bri on her Website  or Facebook and by her cellphone number 404-317-7869

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