Wednesday, June 4, 2014

so now it's time to find a job...

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Today is day 32 of searching for a job post college...not to mention the 7 months before I graduated that I was interviewing. Needless to say...I'm feeling discouraged. I know I know I know...I'm 21 and it's barely been a month since I graduated, but I'm going stir crazy over here, people!! 

Day in and day out I sit on my computer for about six hours searching for that perfect job. I've searched "Marketing Coordinator". I've searched "Social Media Assistant". I've searched "Public Relations Assistant". I've tried Just "PR". I've tried just "Marketing".  I've even applied for the same position more than once. So what's wrong? I'm a college graduate with over 3 years of experience. I did everything right...I went to college and completed countless internships and apprenticeships. Tell me...what am I doing wrong?!?!?

Well...for resume didn't even highlight my skills properly. For goodness sakes....I never even put the word "public relations" in it!! && Did you know your skills are more important than your job history? Ya! I didn't either! Who would've thought! Everyone tells you that your internships define your future, but's not the title that defines's what you DID! ---who would've thunk!

SECONDly...I was writing my cover letters ALL WRONG! I started out my CVs like my advisors and instructors taught me to. "To whom it may concern (insert name here), I am applying for the ____position posted on your website. I believe that BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH"<---------are you bored? I am!
The to SELL YOURSELF right away! If you had 150 characters to sell yourself....what would you say? What is it about YOU that employers need to know? 
Well I challenged myself to this and this is what I came up with:
"I’m a recent alumni of Michigan State University with more than three years of marketing, social media, public relations and blogging experience. I would love to bring my expertise and passion to your growing team." <----Intrigued? WAY LESS BORING!
I highlighted my experience and skills in the first sentence and voiced that I would be a good addition to their team! WHAT CAN YOU OFFER THEM???? But also...what can they offer you? As you write your cover letter...highlight the things you will bring to them, but also show that you NEED this position to expand your experience and allow you to thrive in your field.

Okay...I'm not an expert...and ...I still don't have a job...but in the last two weeks...I've had more calls than ever before because I changed those few things. If anyone else out there is going through the struggles I am...I feel you! It's rough. But, keep your head up and don't stop trying to improve your image. Your job is out there! You just may need to wait and continue to gain experience before it appears.

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